Photos of our doggie family     
Looks like true love           
Caught redhanded!!
Can you see that dog? I can't see a thing.
Oh, come on, can't I chase em just ten more minutes, Please!
You can take my picture, but if you think I'm getting out of this bed you've got to be crazy!
What do you think is this my good side ?
You lookin' at me, I didn't think so
Aint love sweet?
Act innocent; they will never know it was us!
I thought I heard something
Is it just me or is it getting crowded in here?
The perfect escape plan foiled again.
This is how I train people to give me treats.
Who needs agility training when you have a 4-wheeler
Is that barbecue I smell?
Run Forest; Run!
If I don't catch you "mini-me" will
Don't hate me just because I'm beautiful
Coming or going; it's all fun            
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