Puppy Buyers Guide       

This “Puppy Buyer Guide” serves to provide information to the new buyer, including useful medical information and the guarantee that are provided as part of the purchase. It serves as the contract between the new purchaser and Hunter’s Run Tibetans for the purchase your Tibetan terrier puppy.
Information / History / Health / Training / Grooming
Learn about the history of the Tibetan Terriors. HISTORY

There's a lot to know about keeping your dog healthy.
Find out what's been done for your puppy and what you
should do here. HEALTH FOR YOUR PUPPY

Owning a Tibetan Terrior will be rewarding. However, if you take a little extra time to train your new dog the experience will be MUCH more rewarding! TRAINING

Keep your Tibetan Terrior looking like the champion he is! GROOMING

Hunters Run Tibetans