Hunter’s Run guarantees the health of its puppies. Puppy buyers have 10 days in which to take their new puppy to a veterinarian for a medical examination. Puppies that are found by the veterinarian to have significant medical problems may be returned for (1) a full refund or (2) a replacement puppy. A written statement from the veterinarian, which explains the exact nature of the problem and its long-term significance to the health of the pet, should be provided by the buyer when the puppy is returned.


             1. General immunity shots:  Puppies receive some protection from life threatening diseases from their mothers. Vaccinations will normally not be able to override the protection puppies receive from their mothers. However, this maternal immunity fades, as the puppy gets older. Doctors are not certain of the exact date when the mother’s immunity ceases to be effective. However, most estimates are that the maternal immunity needs to be supplemented by vaccinations between 8 weeks and 16 weeks. As a result, a series of general immunity shots should be given to new puppies during the time period that the mother’s immunity is most likely to cease protecting the puppy. Depending on when the puppy was purchased, some or all of these shots may have already been given to the puppy.

            2. Rabies shots: The first rabies shot is given at 16 weeks. This initial rabies shot lasts for one year. The second rabies shot is given one year after the first. This shot is good for three years, except in states that are under rabies quarantine. In rabies quarantine states, rabies shots should be given on an annual basis. In non-quarantine states, rabies shots should be updated every three years.

            These general immunity shots protect against parvovirus, distemper, corona virus, Para influenza, adenovirus and hepatitis. The 12 and 16-week shots may also protect against leptospirosis. Because veterinarians are not certain when a puppy loses its maternal protection, all three of these shots are important to the long-term health of the puppy. It is not sufficient to merely give the 8-week shot or the 12-week shot. If the mother’s immunity was still working in the puppy, these two shots may have provided no protection. The puppy should receive an annual booster shot every year. This is given one year after the date of the last general immunity shot.


            Hunter’s Run Tibetans begins worming the puppies when they are 2-3 weeks old. Puppies have been wormed several times before they go to their new homes. We use Strongid for the first few doses and then Drontal for the final worming before they go to their new homes
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